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Zion National Park

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-Find Yourself Lost in a World Full of Red Rock-
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Welcome to ZIon National Park

Zion's National Park is located in Washington, Iron, and Kane Counties in southwestern Utah. This National Park is known for its 2,000-foot Navajo sandstone cliffs, pine-and juniper-clad slopes, and seeps, springs, waterfalls, high plateaus, deep sandstone canyons, and the Virgin River, you will never find yourself bored.
Zions also contains more than 1,000 species of plants. Everywhere you look there are red rocks with beautiful plants surrounding. Prickly Pears, Cholla, Yucca, Shooting-stars, Scarlet Monkey, Western Columbines, Golden Columbines are just a few of the plants/flowers that are planted all along trails.
Imagine exploring all throughout Zions on the back of a horse. Jacobs Ranch offers the finest horseback riding. Jump on a horse and be ready to explore only the highest rated spots in Zions. Take the small tour or the large tour and either way, be amazed by your ride. 
Choose from several different hikes all throughout the park.
Zion Rock Guides
Our guided canyoneering trips are filled with fun and excitement as you enter a world of adventure. Not only do you get the opportunity to rappel chutes up to 180ft, climb over and under boulders and logs, you get to do all of this in some of the most spectacular scenery found anywhere. Very few people visit these places.

Zion Trail Rides
Zion Canyon Trail Rides at Jacobs Ranch can promise you their rides are the most exciting, adventurous, and informative adventures guaranteed.
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